Dr. Mark Skousen

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The best financial decision I ever made was subscribing to F&S. I have been a member for a long time and an avid fan. I have read The Making of Modern Economics and I am currently reading Economics Logic. Even at 72 it's never too late to learn. My regret is that I only took your investment advice 85% of the time! Best wishes and hope to see a Nobel prize for your work on GO.
Laurence N., River Vale, NJ
I was on board in 1987 and took Mark's advice to sell all stocks prior to the crash. Following that advice made me a real believer in Forecasts & Strategies. In my retirement years, now, I have taken his advice on the high income positions, doing some dollar cost averaging over a ten year period. I anticipate a healthy second next egg to hatch then. I don't take anyone else's advice; following only Mark.
Dean H., Saratoga Springs, Utah
Thank you Mark Skousen for a great newsletter! I follow your recommendations, and they have allowed my portfolio to increase in value over the years. As a retiree, this is my primary source of income.
Larry S., Fremont, IN

Jim Woods

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I really appreciate the advice, lessons and education Jim Woods provides. He has given me confidence in my investing, and I've seen the results!
Tom Z. Maplewood, Minnesota
I subscribed to Successful Investing 10 months ago, and quickly upgraded to a lifetime subscription. I like Jim's writing style, and he seems to have a disciplined approach to investing. I have been impressed with his recommendations so far.
Mark S., New York
I read his information and advice carefully. Ranks very high in my view.
James C. Rochester, Michigan

Bryan Perry

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Bryan provides honest, straightforward advice... you don't puff or fluff... you look at all sides.
Marvin B., Charlotte, NC
Please don't ever retire; you (Bryan Perry) have made life changing financial security a reality! Thank you! I'm sure others feel the same way but I wanted to make sure you at least heard it from me!
Denny B., North Carolina
As a retiree it's important to have a reliable source of income such as high yield dividend stocks. Bryan's newsletter provides good advice about what to buy, when to buy and most importantly when to sell. He follows-up on all his recommendations.
Robert L., Tampa, FL

Bob Carlson

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Bob Carlson gets it. He is an expert because he takes the time to learn his craft. He is a true financial guru because he has the unique ability to effectively communicate his knowledge with his readers through one of the absolute best newsletters in the country. I continuously recommend Bob Carlson’s Retirement Watch to my clients.
David P.
Your service is absolutely unique! One may get tons of valuable information for such a miniscule price. And the information so wisely compacted and easy achievable! And above all your reply for a question was so prompt! No comparison to any other nowadays' Customer Care/Service! I'm going to recommend your service to all my friends, who are in their 70-80's. Thank you so much!
Arnold R.
I have now been following your advice for several years with much success and just wanted to say thank you! I am 59 years old and spent many years prior chasing returns, buying and selling at the wrong time, thinking I could out-research and out-smart the market, all to no avail. With the guidance of your simple, straightforward and inexpensive monthly newsletter, along with the weekly updates, I have achieved some nice returns, WITHOUT the nervousness and anxiety I previously experienced with my investments. Your sage advice and practical tactics to avoid large losses and stay diversified have served me well!
Michael M., Cicero, New York

Jon Johnson

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I think JJ is absolutely incredible. Really and truly. After working with his trades for the past months... he has completely gained my trust. It’s exciting and stress relieving at the same time. It’s taken so long to find someone with this kind of energy. Thank you Jon!
Catherine D. Geneva, Switzerland
Hugh Grossman

Hugh Grossman

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You are a phenomenal mentor and I have learned immense information from you about how to Scalp calls and puts. I used to be part of the "Teach And Trade" daily workshop but switched to "Pick Of The Day" because I have a corporate job which prevents me from attending the "Teach and Trade" daily or else I would've participated.
Lovejeet Singh (Sunny)
I took Hugh’s training about how to trade SPY, and it has been invaluable in my overall trading. I consistently make 5%-7% per day in my trading of SPY. I’m in and out of the market usually the same day and many times within minutes. With today’s uncertainty, it’s a huge advantage to limit your risk of loss with short-term trades.
Terry Walthal
Hugh has helped me trade better in that he teaches for lack of a better term, "on a need to know" basis or concept and has improved my mindset and confidence with what I've learned and been able to take away. The best thing about DayTradeSPY is that they keep things as simplified as possible, without cutting corners of teaching important essentials & lessons when it comes to trading. I like that he (they?) don't over inundate with unnecessary information. Even his whole concept of "One stock, one strategy or technique" really appeals to me!
Ian A Kwan
Ahren Stephens

Ahren Stephens

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Thank You, Ahren!!! I must compliment Hugh for his wise decision to bring you aboard DayTradeSPY. You bring, to all of us, a long range outlook on options. Not only are you knowledgeable, but articulate in your detailed answers and explanations. Your charts of Pitchfork/Fibonacci are spot on and both you and Hugh are my Mentors. Thank you for your Screen Shots.
Phil L.
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